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Provider Average Rating Speed Uptime Price Truthful Helpful

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Speed Uptime Price Truthful Helpful Comments
1 1 2 4 1 been with talktalk from when they took over tiscali. originally could get nearly 8mb. many engineer visits and phone calls later have just given up with talk talk. now looking for a new isp. for over two years have been getting on at talktalk but to no avail. 2.6 mb if lucky. all they can do is send out legions of engineers. my last conversation with talk talk and test was at best 0.99 mb using btspeedtest ??. talk talk have sent out engineers in the past to be told by them that I do not have a fault internally but fault is with exchange. two years later I dont want another engineer who will tell me exactly the same thing. now looking at how I can get some form of compensation. talktalk can now walkwalk.