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More information about ISPs coming soon. We are sorry for the incomplete ratings. This is where the ISP has 4 or less ratings.

Provider Average Rating Speed Uptime Price Truthful Helpful

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Speed Uptime Price Truthful Helpful Comments
7 10 9 8 10 A pretty good service. You may ask why I'm switching away from O2 - I was an O2 phone customer and got a 5 discount on my broadband rental but now I've switched my phone back to Vodafone, O2 Access will cost 22.50 per month. I think it's scandalous that an O2 customer living in a city can get the same speed as me for 7.50 per month or 12.50 a month if they don't have an O2 phone, i.e. I'm paying a 10 a month premium for the privelege of not living in a large urban area.